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Vats and Vessels engineers to Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Other Allied Process industries equipment.

The company is equipped with wide range of equipments to cater to varied customers. The expertise gained over these years has emboldened Vats and Vessels to innovate & create custom built equipments.

Since its inception the company has grown steadily by adding to its product range, and today it has become an one stop buying place for its customers, virtually a supermarket, its growth has been aided by :
a. Adherence to Quality
b. Utilization of latest Technology
c. Service to the customers
d. Competitive prices

Customer Service
Vats and Vessels today have many customers with majority of them being served as a single source.
The service level is measured by our effort to keep up with the delivery schedules, end response time to attend to customer needs, problems and requirements.
In VATS AND VESSELS we believe in steady growth to ensure effective quality and customer service.
Our Objective
To supply our customers with products of desired quality, at right time at a reasonable price to fulfill their demands and requirements.
Type of Organization
Nature of Business
Design, Manufacture, Supply & Installation of Process Machineries & allied Equipments for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Paint & other allied Industries.
Manufacturing Facilities
  • Bending & Rolling upto 25mm thk.
  • Facing : 2500mm dia.- Turning : 3000mm lg.
  • Cutting : Plasma cutting up to 16mm thk.
  • Compressor : 10 Kg/cm².- Bench Grinders
  • Grinding M/c
  • Sanders
  • Rotofettle Flexible Shaft Grinders
  • Flexible Shaft Grinders
  • Pug Cutting M/c
  • Handling Capacity :7.5 Ton Overhead Crane / 3 Ton Jib Crane
  • Longest Job Handled in SS : 22 meters
  • Largest Diameter Handled : 5 meters-
  • Highest Thickness Handled : 16 mm in SS / 50 mm in MS.
Design Facilities
Process plants & equipments are designed and manufactured as per client’s specific requirements. Detailed design, layouts are prepared and detailed fabrication drawings are made for the plants and equipments. Designs & fabrication are in accordance to IS, BSS, ASME, TEMA & DIN Standards.
Shop Facilities
  • Production Planning
  • Inspection – Stage wise and Final.
  • Testing: Hydraulic,Pneumatic,Dye-Penetration,Radiography,Ultrasonic,Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing
Quality Control
Every incoming raw material is tested for chemical specifications and mechanical properties as per requirement by government approved laboratories. In house inspection is carried out at every stage of fabrication and appropriate reports are prepared. All necessary instruments and equipments are available for dimensional inspection, pressure testing, speed & current measurement. Every equipment after inspection is accompanied by the complete test report along with ‘As Built Drawings’.
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